Thursday, December 1, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend....

Just received my latest addition to my mice collection... who can stop themselves from saying "awwwww" to these lovely shoes? 

I couldn't update yesterday with school nearing the end... it's just hectic trying to cram as much information as possible... the weather decided to get sunnier for a bit although it seems a little colder... 
Anyone ever had to deal with a crazy b*tch roommate that you wish you never made the mistake of living with? Well, I did so I've had to deal with that drama for a while now... I thought all people had low points but a person to go down to this level, to hit a new low, is new to me. I guess I was lucky up until now that I didn't have to deal with a super crazy person but wow. What kind of person damages something in the apartment and then lies to the landlord that someone else did it? If you want to get attention, just get it from another person. Don't cry victim and don't lie. If you are jealous, just deal with it in your private time. Don't get innocent people involved in your stupid life. Get your head out of your sorry @ss and look at the world with honesty instead of twisting reality to fit your lies. It is amazing a person who is the same age as me is THAT immature and that CLASSLESS... just plain PSYCHOTIC. I mean, what happened to you when you were a child that you are this damaged now? But whatever, thankfully that classless b*tch is leaving before the month is up and I'll get new roommates next year. THANK GOD. I'm sick and tired of trying to always be the good guy and take her hi*t but of course in her twisted head she doesn't think that, but whatever. What would you do if you were in my position? Well, that's the end of my little rant of the day.... 

But here are the outfits that I wore yesterday and today. Enjoy!
Hate: Magid
Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Sweater: Guess
Leggings: Victoria's Secret PINK 
Boots: Muks 

Cardigan: Banana Republic 
Top: Banana Republic 
Belt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: True Religion 
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Per usual, I was bored... sooo this is the nail job that I did a while back... It's a little damaged now since I'm not nice to my nails but here is what remains of it... 

Base: Chanel Vendetta 
Stripe: Chanel Graphite 

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  1. thank u for the comment to my blog entry, yes, ive picked a total different dress from asos in the end, but it was a good pick that most people are happy with it that I believe I can wear for the Xmas dinner and party tmr!

    Hehe, so looking forward to the fun tomorrow, and thanks once again for all those ideas :)