Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank God for Snow

Thanks to snow school got cancelled. But of course I never knew the school got cancelled until I actually got to school... so I got to look cute for about 1 hour. This is a terrible picture, but I will try to figure out how to get a great picture one day... 

Friday, October 28, 2011

A night of no sleep... comfy outfit for the exam that I'll fail...


What am I doing up so early? Well, it's actually not early since I didn't sleep last night... why? because I was too busy cramming stuff in my brain that I should have been stuffing since oh about 3 weeks ago. So what do I decide to do about precious 1.5 hours before the exam? Update the blog that I started last night as I was going insane looking at books all day. So here is the OOTD! Hope y'all enjoy!

  Sorry about the bad picture, but I'll improve for sure!
hm... I need to figure out a better way to place these pictures... But for now, wish me luck!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 1

So what am I doing here when I should really be studying for my exam tomorrow? I've loved fashion and anything pretty for the longest time. Since I have been going nuts with all things related to school, I thought I would keep myself sane by giving myself a hobby... well, I wouldn't call dressing myself a hobby but a necessity, but recording of what I wear and commenting on what I like both in fashion and beauty is a hobby. I have been following many blogs for a while and I really admire their work, so I always wonder if I will ever be as great as them, but with the support of the guy, I am going to get out of my comfort zone, get in front of a camera and hopefully share my love of fashion/beauty/art and anything else with whoever runs into my humble blog.