Friday, December 30, 2011



Rodarte high heel boots
$528 -

Alexander Wang duffel bag
$875 -

Alexander Wang duffel bag
$875 -

Alexander McQueen chiffon shawl
$295 -

Craving these beautiful pieces that I have been ogling over for many days and probably weeks now... I know that a lot of people have jumped on and now off of the Alexander Wang Rocco bags but since I have not yet been proud owners of these bad boys, I am still craving them. Who doesn't like unique pieces from Opening Ceremony? The simple yet sophisticated little number just calls out to me, telling me, "You probably will never have the right time to wear me, but you still want me in your closet~" Ah, the pains of being a student!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to anyone who may come across my little blog... Hopefully everyone was spoiled to their heart's content and feel lots of love with their family and their loved ones!!

I am in a dire need for a new haircut (my hair has been needing a good cut for about a month now) but since with the school and not having any money due to my shopping problems... I will have to wait until January when I get to school and when I can get to my stylist :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, Hello There~~~

Wow I feel like I haven't been on here for so long... Since school's been out for about a week now, I visited and ate my heart out in TX and now I'm home with the family... So it's been hard to update this blog... BUT I did save up some of the outfits that I did wear to the last 3 days of school... although I don't think I managed to upload the last day's outfit yet... more on that later... sooo here is the last few outfits that I threw together for last few days of school for the year!

 Black Jacket: Puma
Red Shirt: Victoria's Secret PINK 
Black Leggings: Victoria's Secret PINK 
Boots: UGG

 Jacket: The North Face 
Shirt: Victoria's Secret PINK 
Pants: Nike 
Boots: UGG 

I didn't realize that I was in comfort mode because my 3rd and 2nd to last day of school was days we got off to study for our finals...

Well, hopefully y'all are having a fantastic holiday season!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wow, this kind of sucks...

Today was officially my last day of school until the final in couple of days... sad to think that I would have to say goodbye to some of my favorite people in couple of days... and with what we have to do to prepare for a big test that will set the course for the rest of our lives, it is terribly disheartening.

For our last day of school all of us had to get dressed up for the big talk on what to expect in the near future. I cheated my way out of wearing totally formal clothes in the cold by wearing simple black skinny jeans with a nice top to cover up that I'm wearing jeans. :)  This is my outfit of the day:

Green shirt: Banana Republic 
Cardigan: Love Culture 
Skinny: Katherine Hamnet 
Boots: Muks 
Watch: Sturhling

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't You Hate it When the Weekend Doesn't Feel Like the Weekend?

Since I had school yesterday all day and was supposed to go to school today but I didn't. With another day of school tomorrow, it doesn't feel like a weekend. It feels like a Wednesday where I just decided to play hookie. But nonetheless here is the outfit that I wore yesterday... It is a repeat from about 2 weeks ago... or was it a week ago, I don't know for sure but I did change up the jacket. What do you think? Do you think it's too busy with the scarf instead of the faux fur collar? I kind of like the thick scarf...

 Scarf: Banana Republic
Jacket: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren 
Plaid Shirt: A & F
Belt: Hollister 
Jegging: Les Halles 
Boots: Palladium 

Also decided to change up my nails once again... it felt too much like the Dallas Cowboy's colors... thought I'd change it to my favorite team New Orleans Saints :)
Black: OPI for Sephora "What's a Tire Jack?"
Gold: OPI for Sephora "Looks Like Rain Dear"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Why I Met My Twin Today...

As I got dressed into one of my favorite dusty rose colored shirt today... I didn't think one of my favorite person in my life would have the same outfit as me today... It was funny as we realized that each piece of our outfit were similar. The only differences were that she wore a brown belt instead of my black and she wore black riding boots as opposed to the black flats. Overall, today was a good day....

 Scarf: Forever 21
Shirt: Gap 
Belt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: True Religion 
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friends.... Forever and Ever?

Hi, all!
 As plain a day it was today, I feel like today was eventful... it's weird... and while a lot of the events that went on were great, there still is something that has been bugging me that crept back up from the back of my mind... 
As corny as it is, two of my favorite people and I traded "BFF bracelets." It was a coincident that we found a triple BFF bracelet at Claire's and it was even more of coincidence that the bracelets had 2 black figurines and 1 white figurine. The group is very UN-like, a black girl, a white girl, and the Asian girl... so as a joke, we decided to give the one white figurine bracelet to the black girl of the group and the other two to take the black figurine bracelets. It was perfect, because we always made fun of her for being "white." So it was funny and sentimental how perfect the bracelets ended up being.... 
While that part of my life is going perfectly... one of my favorite person from the past became... I guess, not so favorite? I guess I can say that he became my ex-best friend of some sort, which was and still is heart-breaking, because he was the one person that I went to vent, to bitch and moan, to talk, to do everything besides to the boy... I feel sad because I feel like I lost a great relationship... and I feel sad because I feel like I have been lied to... I guess one can't have all great relationships in all forms but I also don't like the feeling that I feel like I have been lied to. I still wonder if I did anything or something happened that I didn't realize that would have hurt him in some way? I don't know... we don't talk anymore... we don't even say hi. When i did talk to him about it, he gave me a half-assed answer of "It's hard since we don't live near each other" but you don't have to live near each other to say hi and talk during school... I don't know. So my heart's been aching a little at the loss I guess but I also gained great gals as my pals... so I guess I have to take in the good with the bad? 

Since I didn't get to post the outfit from yesterday, here is a double dose of what I wore yesterday and today with my nails... enjoy!

Hat: Magid
Cardigan: Love Culture
Shirt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: Katherine Hamnet 
Shoes: Muks 

Shirt: Gap
Black layer underneath: sports bra from Old Navy 
Belt: Hollister
Jeans: Rock and Republic 
Shoes: Ugg
Blue: OPI for Sephora in Countdown to the Kiss
Silver: OPI for Sephora in Are You Glistenin'?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wow I haven't been here in a while....

Hi, guys!

I feel like with the end of school year coming, finals and getting ready to say good bye to some of my friends, I feel like I have been busy with school and friends... I wish I knew how other bloggers find the time to balance all this with their busy lives! Any suggestions?

I didn't have school today and I forgot to take a picture of my outfit yesterday because I was late for school, so I give you my outfit from Friday and my nails that I have been sporting last few days, that I like to call "retard nails".
  Jacket: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply 

Shirt: Saint Grace 
Tank Top: Gap Body 
Belt: Hollister
Jeans: Rock & Republic 
Boots: Ugg

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend....

Just received my latest addition to my mice collection... who can stop themselves from saying "awwwww" to these lovely shoes? 

I couldn't update yesterday with school nearing the end... it's just hectic trying to cram as much information as possible... the weather decided to get sunnier for a bit although it seems a little colder... 
Anyone ever had to deal with a crazy b*tch roommate that you wish you never made the mistake of living with? Well, I did so I've had to deal with that drama for a while now... I thought all people had low points but a person to go down to this level, to hit a new low, is new to me. I guess I was lucky up until now that I didn't have to deal with a super crazy person but wow. What kind of person damages something in the apartment and then lies to the landlord that someone else did it? If you want to get attention, just get it from another person. Don't cry victim and don't lie. If you are jealous, just deal with it in your private time. Don't get innocent people involved in your stupid life. Get your head out of your sorry @ss and look at the world with honesty instead of twisting reality to fit your lies. It is amazing a person who is the same age as me is THAT immature and that CLASSLESS... just plain PSYCHOTIC. I mean, what happened to you when you were a child that you are this damaged now? But whatever, thankfully that classless b*tch is leaving before the month is up and I'll get new roommates next year. THANK GOD. I'm sick and tired of trying to always be the good guy and take her hi*t but of course in her twisted head she doesn't think that, but whatever. What would you do if you were in my position? Well, that's the end of my little rant of the day.... 

But here are the outfits that I wore yesterday and today. Enjoy!
Hate: Magid
Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Sweater: Guess
Leggings: Victoria's Secret PINK 
Boots: Muks 

Cardigan: Banana Republic 
Top: Banana Republic 
Belt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: True Religion 
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Per usual, I was bored... sooo this is the nail job that I did a while back... It's a little damaged now since I'm not nice to my nails but here is what remains of it... 

Base: Chanel Vendetta 
Stripe: Chanel Graphite