Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friends.... Forever and Ever?

Hi, all!
 As plain a day it was today, I feel like today was eventful... it's weird... and while a lot of the events that went on were great, there still is something that has been bugging me that crept back up from the back of my mind... 
As corny as it is, two of my favorite people and I traded "BFF bracelets." It was a coincident that we found a triple BFF bracelet at Claire's and it was even more of coincidence that the bracelets had 2 black figurines and 1 white figurine. The group is very UN-like, a black girl, a white girl, and the Asian girl... so as a joke, we decided to give the one white figurine bracelet to the black girl of the group and the other two to take the black figurine bracelets. It was perfect, because we always made fun of her for being "white." So it was funny and sentimental how perfect the bracelets ended up being.... 
While that part of my life is going perfectly... one of my favorite person from the past became... I guess, not so favorite? I guess I can say that he became my ex-best friend of some sort, which was and still is heart-breaking, because he was the one person that I went to vent, to bitch and moan, to talk, to do everything besides to the boy... I feel sad because I feel like I lost a great relationship... and I feel sad because I feel like I have been lied to... I guess one can't have all great relationships in all forms but I also don't like the feeling that I feel like I have been lied to. I still wonder if I did anything or something happened that I didn't realize that would have hurt him in some way? I don't know... we don't talk anymore... we don't even say hi. When i did talk to him about it, he gave me a half-assed answer of "It's hard since we don't live near each other" but you don't have to live near each other to say hi and talk during school... I don't know. So my heart's been aching a little at the loss I guess but I also gained great gals as my pals... so I guess I have to take in the good with the bad? 

Since I didn't get to post the outfit from yesterday, here is a double dose of what I wore yesterday and today with my nails... enjoy!

Hat: Magid
Cardigan: Love Culture
Shirt: Banana Republic 
Jeans: Katherine Hamnet 
Shoes: Muks 

Shirt: Gap
Black layer underneath: sports bra from Old Navy 
Belt: Hollister
Jeans: Rock and Republic 
Shoes: Ugg
Blue: OPI for Sephora in Countdown to the Kiss
Silver: OPI for Sephora in Are You Glistenin'?

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