Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another nail look...

Hey, y'all!

Since I have taken some time off to study for the step, I haven't really left my apartment that often thus the lack of OOTD posts... doing my nails, reading up on blogs, watching football, and making attempts at studying... I have been great at procrastinating a few haul posts that I have been meaning to do since Christmas but well, I've been just too lazy so expect some in the near future. (Maybe)

But lately, I feel like I've been stuck on the gradient nails because now, it just feels boring with just one color on my nails. I'm actually kind of proud of the base color that I mixed up for myself which ended up being this cool pink/silver holographic-y base. I really wished that the dark blue would be a little more gradient-y but it ended up looking a little more french nail-ish. O wells, that will do for now until I gather up the mental strength to fix it... For these nails, I caved in and used the sponge method. But since I didn't have a makeup sponge, I had to go McGuyvre on my butt and cut up an earplug and substitute it as my "sponge." Hopefully whoever runs into this little blog enjoys the nail look.

If you haven't already entered the blog giveaway by a fabulous fashion blogger Fashion Chalet, you still have 4 days left to enter it here. Good luck and check her blog out!!

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