Monday, March 19, 2012

OOTD and Nail DIY

Hey, all!

I'm just going to post a few outfits that I wore yesterday and today, and I figured I'd do a nail look that I finished earlier today.

Shirt: Romeo and Juliet Couture 
Jeans: Hudson 
Boots: Palladium

This is the look I wore yesterday. Figured I would embrace my inner Paul Buyan and rock the red plaid. But what makes this shirt a little more unique is the black dip dye detail at the bottom half of the shirt and the line of buttons at the back. So depending on how many buttons you decide to button up, it can look more fitted or loose.

Scarf: Zara
Shirt: A&F
Belt: Zara
Skirt: Victoria's secret

This is the outfit I wore earlier today. It is starting to get warm up here in the Northeast so figured I would rock an outfit that would not require me to wear a thick jacket.

I recently purchased the scarf not too long ago from Zara and have to admit that I'm in love with the quality and the look of the scarf! So far, Zara has not disappointed me!

So the following pictures shows somewhat how I did the gradient nails.

Materials: nail polish base, base nail polish color, 2 similar colors for gradient (you can use only 1 if you want to, but I used 2...), make up sponges (I cut these to a smaller size so I can dot more easily)

1. Prepare your nails by cutting nails, taking care of the cuticles, and the base coat.

2. Put your base color on all the nails you want to put gradient on. I used "Cab Fare" by SEPHORA by OPI for my base color.

3. Dab on the stronger color using the make up sponge at the tip of the nails. I used "Magic Bus" by Urban Decay. I dabbed the color from tip to the cuticle to make sure that the color is strongest at the tip of the nail. If it doesn't end up with perfect gradient, it's fine. I usually dab about 1/4 of the nail or about how much a french tip would end.

4. Dab on the 2nd gradient color using another make up sponge, same as above, from nail tip toward the cuticle. I used "What's Your Sign?" by SEPHORA by OPI. I usually dab from nail tip down about 1/2 way down the nail.

5. Apply top coat and you have your gradient nails!

I like to have 2 colors for gradient because I feel like that makes the gradient pop more especially if the gradient color is kind of light color.

Hopefully you enjoyed this short tutorial. Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love your nails!


  2. Your nails are gorgeous, just like a sunset

  3. Love the gradient of your nail polish, and the contrast of the blue nail.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  4. Hey Girl! thanks to stopping by.. :)) <3ANI