Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And there it goes again, bye, Spring!

Ah, leave it to Northeast to wreak havoc on your dreams of warm weather and finally being able to look a little more presentable again. Really, how cute can you look layered up in 3 jackets, 2 scarves, and a beanie with 3 leggings and fur boots on? Well, I never wore that much clothes, but I knew that I should have each time I stepped out to get to my car. With short hair, I knew that wearing a beanie will put me in danger of being confused as a boy, but I wore my beanies constantly because well 1. I didn't want to take care of my stubborn cowlick that is determined to be the hair death of me and 2. it's cold out. It's times like this that I actually miss being in the Southwest where the weather drops to 30 degrees for 2 weeks and call it winter and then heats back up to 115 degrees and say, "PSYCH! And you thought you were going to have a long winter... cute~" The irony is, I actually managed to put away most of my winter clothes away under the bed to make room in my TINY closet in my TINY room so all my clothes won't be squished. Just my luck.

So over the weekend, I got to go watch the Celtics game against the Wizards. (Go, Celtics!) Now, I'm not a big fan of watching basketball on TV (I'm more of a football fan), but watching it live, it changed my perspective a little. (Rondo, if you somehow run into this blog and read this comment, I would die, but still, I love you but you need to make more shots. I do realize that it's your job to make plays, but it broke my little heart watching you give away shots when you had so many good opportunities. Just saying, but still, you are my favorite player!) It was fun with all the people around you cheering and even if you were obnoxious with your comments, there were about 2,000 people who were more obnoxious than you and louder. Now, only if I can afford to go to more exciting games, and learn how to scream and cheer loudly, I would be set for watching sports.

And now onto the outfit that I wore on Saturday, only to step out and realize, I should have worn tights....

Dress: ADAM
Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Boots: Boutique 9

Actually, this is one of my first attempts at wearing colorful shoes. I usually go for the basics when I buy shoes: black, brown/nude, and white. But when I saw these babies on sale at Karmaloop, I knew that I had to snatch them up and learn how to incorporate it into my outfits. Actually, I had dreams of wearing them with shorts since the weather was actually warm when I purchased these, but whatever, I'll deal with another long weeks of cold weather.

But here is to the end of my long rant, and thanks for visiting!!!

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  1. Hey! Love your photos and blog. Great style! so jealous of your colour denim. And not sure if the profile pic is of your cat..it's really adorable!!!

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